Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find below some of FAQ’s which will guide you through your Witanworld Journey.


1. What is Witan World?

Ans. At Witan world, we have created a Global Platform which fosters People to People Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing. Our Unique Concepts combined with Innovative Technology enables you to generate value for your Time and Efforts.

In Today’s World, people are getting drowned in Information. But in reality, we are left starved for Knowledge. Knowledge sharing occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another developing new capabilities, support each other in making important decisions and being Successful. Our Goal is to Empower the world to have meaningful conversations and meaningful connections.

Our Mission is

  • Create – Establish the best platform in world to freely exchange Knowledge.
  • Empower – Single source reference to information and solution.
  • Engage – Connecting Individuals / Entities / Communities globally.


2. What are the services that Witan World provide?

Ans. We provide the following services-

  • Free knowledge sharing platform.
  • Witan Sapience – knowledge management system of Witan. A Global Exchange for knowledge about 25 business areas.
  • Community and Networking – Build a profound network, community for better world.
  • Target Brand Marketing and Advertising solutions.
  • Career building opportunities with Witan.


3. How can I connect with Witan World?

Ans. A User can create his/her account in WitanWorld –  and Sign-in – to the website as and when required. You can act as the Witan Writers, can share your contents with the groups and also get benefited with the knowledge shared by others.


4. How to create account in Witan World?

Ans. Following are the steps to create an account in Witan World-

  1. On Witan World Home page click on Login.
  2. New Users choose Register option. Complete the registration process to create your account. Register:
  3. Fill the required details.
  4. Create your profile.
  5. After creating an account, fill up all the details and keep your profile Updated.
  6. Choose Login option to access your existing account. Login : 


5. What are the privacy policies of Witan World?

Ans. To Read More. Privacy Policy :  


6. Do you have customer care?

Ans. Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available for your support. You can use the relevant form and submit your query.  Our team will respond or reach out to you within 2 to 5 Business Days.



1.What is Witan Sapience?

Ans. Witan Sapience is the Knowledge management system of Witan World. It provides information in 25 different categories. All the Articles published on Witan World can be viewed in the Sapience Module.


2. How to give feedback on the articles?

Ans. There is a Comment section provided below each article, for expressing the views of the reader. However, appropriate suggestions and genuine feedbacks are expected.


3. Can I follow my favourite writer?

Ans. Once you are a Registered member of Witan World Community you can follow or connect with your favorite Writers. Additionally, all new articles will be posted in website and as well as in social platforms. Hence every user can keep a track with their favourite writer.


4. Can I use the information provided in articles for my projects or research?

Ans. Yes, Witan World is a free Knowledge sharing platform. Students and researchers can utilize the information. However complete copy of the data is not acceptable. Some articles are reserved under copy rights act too.


5. What about the Copy rights of the articles?

Ans. Refer to Witan World privacy polices : 


6. Can I publish my Research papers in Witan World?

Ans. Witan World provides a worldwide platform for fresh and new research. Users can publish their research work in Witan and can connect with people interested in same field.


7. Will Witan World give renumeration to its writers?

Ans. Witan World offers exciting Reward programmes to encourage Knowledge exchange.


8. Can I publish my article on Witan World directly?

Ans. No. All the articles that are submitted by the writers has to get through Witan World screening process. At the end, Witan world owns all rights whether to publish the article or not.


9. What is Article Bidding system?

Ans. Bidding is an offer to set a price tag by an individual or business for a product or service or a demand that something be done. Witan World also conducts bidding system for the writers to choose their topic for article writing. The passionate writers can participate in the bidding and win their favourite topic.



1. How to create a post in community page?

Ans. Steps to Create post in Community page-

  • Login to your account in witan community.
  • In community page, you have the options CREATE POST : click on it and start building your post.
  • You can use Status, Photo, Video options to add pictures and videos related to Your post.
  • Once the post is created, post it on your account.
  • You have options to hide your posts or make your post public.


2. What are Community GROUPS in Witan and how does it work?

Ans. Community groups in Witan are a small society of users who are bonded with same interest of topics and exchange their knowledge and do research on it. It works to connect people with same ideas and do more advancements in the field. Users will also get to know topics in depth, recent progresses around world in the field.


3. How to Join in Witan Community Groups?

Ans.Community Groups work in the following format –

  • In Witan Community, there is option Groups :
  • When clicked on it, it displays various groups which are formed in different fields.
  • You can request to join in any of the group, which you are interested in.
  • Once joined, All the articles, information shared by Users and their research work can be viewed and your knowledge can be exchanged with them.


4. What are the other social media platforms on which we can follow Witan World?

Ans. Witan world shares its latest updates in different Social media sites as below –

Linkedin :

Twitter :

 Pininterest :

Facebook :

 All Witan users can follow all these pages of witan world.


5. What is Witan World Forum? How is it different from Witan Community Groups?

Ans. Witan World Forum is a community place where ideas and views on a particular Knowledge or business area can be exchanged. Witan World Groups is a place where people with same interest are connected and interact, but in Forum any user can express their views on particular knowledge shared or can share their knowledge.


6. How to Write an Article in Witan World?

    Ans.  To Learn how to write an Article on Witan World. Refer to the link:


7. How do I Update my profile?

Ans.  To update your profile, goto Community page and check your About option, where it shows how much percent your profile is updated, accordingly check the details and update your profile.


8. What is the difference between the regular member and premium member?

Ans.  A Premium member gets some more advance benefits compared to the regular member.

  1. Premium members get access to Witan World’s voice features.
  2. Listen to all the Witan World articles.
  3. Offers and Discounts in Ad benefits.
  4. Exclusive access to Witan World analytics dashboard.



1. Do Witan World need specific Educational Qualification to hire their employees?

Ans. Witan hires its employees according to the job requirement, and every required post essentially needs certain educational Qualification. If the candidate satisfy the requirements, they are hired.


2. Does Witan World hire Freelancer?

Ans. Yes, Witan hires Freelancers and encourage fresh talents to work with them. It hires people globally and at different levels.


3. What is the hiring process of Witan World?

Ans. Applying process for Witan is as follows-

  • In Career section you can search for relevant job options. Refer to:
  • The Candidate can search for the roles they want to work and check if there are any vacancies.
  • If they want to apply for the post, click on Apply Now and the application form is displayed.
  • The form has basic details with Resume Upload, complete the process and submit the application.
  • Once the resume gets shortlisted, the Witan recruitment team will get back to you.


4. How is Witan World different from other knowledge sharing platforms?

Ans. Witan helps to create engaging, productive content round the globe. It believes in the free exchange of knowledge. Our efforts are based on system of Judgement, Strategic perspective, Intelligent system and moral sentiment. It unites the complete knowledge at one single platform.



1. How do I advertise on Witan World?

Ans. Advertising on Witan World is much similar to advertising on other social websites such as Facebook and Instagram. Create Your ads and upload them on the website.   Stick to visual ads, keep your ads short, add a name for your advertisement.


2.What is the procedure for getting started with my Witan World Ad campaign?

Ans. Three easy steps for starting your Ad campaign –

  1. Determine your Objective – Whether you’re focused on lead generation or brand awareness, selecting your objective is the first step to help us streamline and customize your campaign creation.
  2. Create an account on Witan World and complete your profile. Go to my advertising page  –  This is Witan World’s  all-in-one advertising platform. You’ll be able to run campaigns, and control your budget.
  3. Launch your Campaign – You’ll be guided to build an audience, set a budget, and upload an ad creative. The final steps are to set up your payment details and launch your campaign!

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