Ten Pandemics The World Has Seen in 19th and 20th Century

divyar87 Aug 10, 2020
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How to prepare for pandemics?

Every few decades, potentially deadly pathogens and viruses spread throughout the world, and particularly, these influenza pandemics are quite a threat that nations need to prepare for. The World Health Organization offers information and course series that cover aspects of preparedness, like public health measures, risk communication, and surveillance during a pandemic.

How to prepare for the next pandemic - The Hindu BusinessLineHere are some effective ways to be prepared for a pandemic:

  1. Healthcare plans like scaling up hospital capacities by postponing non-essential surgeries, mobilizing or redeploying recently retired, military and student staff, preparing temporary hospitals, etc.
  2. Since testing is very important, plans to access additional lab capacity and authorities to consider stockpile chemicals and equipment lab use
  3. Researchers to best analyze the information available and collaborate across disciplines to understand an emerging disease at the earliest
  4. Storing up medicines and supplies and start working on finding new vaccine candidates
  5. Public health guidelines and strategies to protect the country
  6. Watching for disease outbreaks of different viruses and being prepared to quickly respond to them
  7. Multiple government agencies can work together and use technology to communicate with each other
  8. Grocery supply chains and supermarkets can plan for how they can respond quickly to increasing demands
  9. Finding ways to help communities provide essential services like public safety and health during a pandemic
  10. Urging the public to take preventative measures like practicing good hygiene like hand washing, self-isolating, avoiding large gatherings and take caution with pet animals
  11. Finally, having a framework that enables things like building temporary hospitals, relevant scientific advice and effective communication with the public

More importantly, to be prepared for the unpredictable!

http://m.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine.com/coronavirus-there-was-russian flu#:~:text=Once%20the%20flu%20had%20its,side%20effects%20like%20stomach%20cramps.

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