Good Habit (how to develop): Science of Habit formation

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Curious background

How many times we could fulfil our new year resolution or failed to develop a good habit or it dies natural death after few days of initiation????

Why it is so DIFFICULT to be habitual of any new habit (especially good) despite knowing the numerous benefits of that. Another point to ponder is most of the good habits do not give us immediate pleasure and results, as compare to addictive habits example- exercise shape your body after months and alcohol boost your mood immediately

Brain’s Characteristics

A common saying- Brain is poor MASTER and good SLAVE, therefore poor in authoritative roles and better in following dictating orders, another characteristic of the brain is that it loves automation, seems lazy in nature, as most of Us.

When we are in the process of developing any new activity/learning/habit, the brain uses its two parts, the basal ganglia for performing the process and the prefrontal cortex for activity analysis to facilitate automation. Once we learnt the process, the prefrontal cortex stops its involvement and activity went into automation mode- the best example is driving. The process of learning driving is difficult and systematic but once trained, hands move automatically, but that all comes from practice, determination to learn driving and conviction that we can do it. Therefore psyche play important role in the development of a good habit.

Introduction of science behind the habit

The structure of habit is important to comprehend to develop a habit. To build a habit need needs a CAR or TAR I,e Cue (Trigger), Action and Reward. It is all self-explanatory but as per psychological research, the maximum habit murdered or die a natural death due to lack of reward system in our habit-building process. Do you remember your school days, when our teacher asked the class to clap on the right answer, parents patted on the shoulder or prizes or gifts for our achievements?

Once you decided to do start any good habit its means you already infected with a trigger or cue. Studies say a positive motivation is better than a negative eg. "I will win this match is a better inspiration to put your energy for the desired goal than I will make them defeat". This trigger even works better if associated with strong emotional reason- there should be a genuine deep reason- WHY are we doing this. The strong reason of Why? further, help to develop a habit and compliance of the routine.

The next pillar of structure of habit is Action; to develop a sustainable habit you should understand the meaning of the phrase of slow and steady wins the race. Therefore, action should be SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bounded. don’t be hasty for your result, you need up to 66 (don’t get disheartened-its just a number, you have to live with your good habit life long after that) days to develop a habit. Another motivating result of a study says, if you start your action even 1% then by the end of the year you will be able to achieve 37% of your goal; well this is not a bad deal with only 1% efforts, but consistency is the key to achieve that. If you improve your writing skills then reading-writing one page daily will improve your skills 37% at the end of the one year.

Another most crucial part of habit building is NET-Never Escape Twice. So, avoid skipping your action in the beginning days and if it happens then should not be twice, otherwise, failure chances will increase.

Third, an important and mostly overlooked pillar of the Habit structure is a reward system. According to studies maximum habits could not survive due to lack of appreciation system and either murdered or die a natural death in the absence of acknowledgement or appreciation.


Learn with every day’s example

Have you ever wondered and analyzed; why are we easily get habitual of bad habits than good habit? Because, bad habits have a more robust structure i,e CAR than a good habit. Let's take video game addiction, triggered by the peers and social trends, TV almost multi-dimensional triggers, it’s easy to start this action as mobile phones are easily accessible and video game offered excellent reward system and that is how it keeps kids stick to this habit. Similarly, alcohol addiction, our social community gives trigger, enough visual display with celebrity (advertisement), you take action in peer pressure or company and you feel relax as it activates your neurotransmitters. This immediate reward of feeling relaxed as well as you enjoy peer company make you prone to drink next time also. On contrary all good habits fail to do so- immediate reward or happiness, therefore, you must have listened many times that start exercise in a group of friends.

Hence we are learning from the bad habit system to making the good habit system resilient and smooth process of developmental phase. If you want to lose weight or make yourself healthy - you should start with 10 minutes of exercise or 5 minutes, but be regular and consistent without making any lapse/break in routine. As once our brain starts getting similar habit at a regular interval then it gets signals to make automation due to its basic nature, once its go into automatic mode then brain reminds us automatically for the same.


Action: DO not forget to make a SMART goal in your personal life also. So, write your good habit in this format keep it at a visual distance such as a mobile screen, desktop screen, cupboard, in the kitchen or wherever you can see it regularly. Writing your SMART aim with red ink will add more impact, as it stimulates the physical-strength courage property. Being over-ambitious in aim and action also a poor prognostic (predictive) marker of sustainable good habit development eg I will lose 20 kg in a month etc- a wrong way of setting the expectation, be realistic in goal setting so that motivation will come with achievable results.


Reward system, when starting first steps towards your good activity appreciate your efforts by any means, like a piece of chocolate, or buying long awaiting fragrance or buying a bracelet or a poster with a nice motivating quote, or meeting your friend and sharing this news with her to get more inspiration or motivation, but please do not hide your great efforts towards a great achievement. Do not wait you will surprise the world with results but start appreciating your every step towards building a good habit. Share your small achievements- even sharing about starting a good habit with friends or circles of positive, constructive and encouraging people will give a boost to do it.

How to develop a good habit in pointers.

  1. CAR-Cue (Trigger) Action Reward
  2. Take a small- simple steps towards your goal
  3. Break your habit down to start asap
  4. NET- Never Escape Twice
  5. Consistency, Faith in your own Success is mantra (Key)
  6. Be patience- don’t be in hasty for results (Hindi - Apna Time Aayega)
  7. Share your small achievement with your circle who can encourage further- social media also


  Read in detail (Reference).

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Roopa Rawat Jun 30th, 2021
Thanks Ms Christy for your words of appreciation.
Christy Jun 30th, 2021
I appraise it a lot . Your thinking and approach towards life is motivating and will help to aspire others to do the same.
Roopa Rawat Jun 30th, 2021
Thanks Ms Jayathi Radha....
Jayanthi radha Jun 30th, 2021
Nice.liked it.
Roopa Rawat Jun 29th, 2021
Thanks Malti Ji, foe liking article and feel free to share your thoughts on same platform
Malti Bisht Jun 29th, 2021
Very nice..liked it
Roopa Rawat Jun 29th, 2021
Thanks Sumana Ji.... Keep Reading and may sharing your writing
Sumana Jun 29th, 2021
Roopa Rawat Jun 28th, 2021
Thanks Aton Sir
Ramanivenkat Jun 28th, 2021
Great reading - very practical and simple language - Loved it
Roopa Rawat Jun 27th, 2021
Thanks aton Namita, for beautiful words...
Namita Jun 27th, 2021
Beautifully explained...Very motivating...
Roopa Rawat Jun 26th, 2021
Thanks Ms Anita, sharing your personal experience, keep visiting this knowledge sharing platform.
Roopa Rawat Jun 26th, 2021
Thanks Mr Swamy, for reading article and sharing your words of appreciation. I hope this article help people to learn deep about this science and be master of developing new good habits.
Roopa Rawat Jun 26th, 2021
Dear Prashanthi, Thanks for nice words, keep visiting and happy reading.
Prashanthi Jun 26th, 2021
Excellent mam, it is very motivational and useful to everyone
Swamy Billahalli Jun 26th, 2021
Dear Roopa, You have highlighted some excellent points based on facts and figures. I really enjoyed reading the science behind good habits and could reflect on my own habits that i have failed at times. I like the bit about SMART goals as it really helps to measure the success.
Anita Adhikari Jun 26th, 2021
Ver nice
Anita Adhikari Jun 26th, 2021
Really nice and much more required topic in present scenario We all doing promises in our life but not able to follow them Very touching Excellent ma'am 👍
Joseph Jayanthi Kumari G Jun 25th, 2021
Roopa Rawat Jun 25th, 2021
Thanks Maushumi Ji, for your motivating feedback, keep reading and imbibing in your life.
Maushumi Kulkarni Jun 25th, 2021
That’s a good and very motivating write up! Simple steps described in lucid manner. Liked it. Will try to inculcate it.
Roopa Rawat Jun 24th, 2021
Thanks aton.
Roopa Rawat Jun 24th, 2021
Thanks Mr Amit for your valuable comment
Amit Pandey Jun 24th, 2021
Well structured and motivating.
Roopa Rawat Jun 24th, 2021
Thanks Mr Rahul, please feel free to share your ideas and views on other articles also.
Rahul Soren Jun 24th, 2021
Nicely written. Very well articulated.
Roopa Rawat Jun 24th, 2021
Thanks Ms Kamal, for your encouraging feedback, please keep reading and let us know your area of interest for reading....
Roopa Rawat Jun 24th, 2021
Thanks Ms Jyoti for liking article, please feel free to share which topic you want to read and feel free to share your piece of writing with us at Witanworld.... Thanks once again- keep reading and keep writing to us...
Jyoti Shukla Jun 24th, 2021
Easy to comprehend. Stimulated
Komal Sharma Jun 24th, 2021
Seems u write it down for me.Thank u for making me realised that even I can do the things ,which I thought 1 won't have time...Aa u said it only need 5 min. to start a routine.. thank you.

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