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Eating right food is important for Everyone. However, this can feel like an unsurmountable challenge, given our food culture and dietary habits.

We also love our snacks and can’t imagine a day without out it. Even we encourage our friends and family into eating more, as a sign of hospitality and affection, and consider refusing, an extra helping a rebuff. To top it all, we’ve never embraced physical exercise as essential. So, it isn’t a surprise that obesity has become a growing problem.

But, the answer doesn’t lie in shunning fad diets. You’ll find that the best diet plan consists of foods that you’ve already got in your kitchen and which will enable you to lose weight by making a few changes to your diet.



  1. Warm raisin water as soon as u wake up and on empty stomach – 1 glass. Plus 1 glass Manna for breakfast. [Daily] except on detox days.
  2. For those that are all about food and have no time, interest or the opportunity to exercise or do much in the name of Work Outs : Eat meals depending on the activity level in that day’s schedule. Plan your meals based on your physical activity and metabolic rate(sweat is a good indicator for your body’s Metabolism.)
  3. If physical activity is not much in your day, eat smaller meals with proper protein rich foods and fibers along with just the right amount of sugar, salt and spicy.
  4. Include more fibers and less sugar (in any format)and carbs. More protein–Sprouts. Listen to granny. Look into pathya and home remedies.
  5. Drink more water. Set daily water and exercise goals and score those goals.
  6. Set an exercise routine– Not time or hourly based. Listen to your body. Include exercises that suit You. And also the Contrast posture or set for that exercise/posture. Focus on core strength and stamina building rather than aiming for abs and biceps. No short cuts. Slow and steady repetitions and gradual increase in number and time held for Ashtanga asanas and also advancement levels and intensity. Speed is of no use. Neither is just laying down under the excuse of Shavasana for 2 hours. Warm up is just as important as the Exercise routine.



There is no supplement more nutritious than what is readily available in nature. Supplements(including steroids, creating and whey protein) have more side effects than benefits. Benefits don’t last long term.

Complete detox(no nicotine-smoking, drinking alcohol or caffeine or milk products in any form. No solids. Only semi solids for lunch only in the evening like homemade ganji, kichdi, plain oats, etc…. Only water fasting and cleansing kriyas for ateast 2 Continuous days a week. Supplement with only lime juice(lime, salt and as little salt as possible along with water) during other times of the day if BP low or weakness issues.

Try to follow as much of a Saathvik diet which is suitable for everyone irrespective of age or body type or illnesses. U can also set and execute a body type(vata, pitta or kafa prominent body type) based diet plan or routine to maintain a stable stamina level, enhance fitness and also immunity if suitable to your lifestyle choices.

In case of any existing medical conditions like high or low blood pressure, Allergies, Wheezing, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension etc, none of the above is applicable. Please follow the exclusive diets and medication prescribed by ur doctor and seek out a certified practitioner to discuss your fitness routines.


Remember to give urself a break.

  • Listen to your body.
  • Hydrate and Healthify.



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