John Deere Tractor Price, Specifications and Features 2022/23

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John Deere is one of the best tractor manufacturing companies. It manufactures agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, harvesters, implements and so on. The John Deere company was established in 1998.The main goal of Deere company is to produce and sell unique and advanced features tractors in India. 

The price range of John Deere tractor in India at Rs 4.70 Lakh to 29.20 Lakhs. The tractors come with a 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive, and the engine capacities of john deere tractors starts from 28 Hp to 120 horsepower. The most popular series include the D-series, E-series, and power pro tractors. 


John Deere Tractor History:

The John Deere tractor company was founded in 1837 and is a Fortune500 company. The Company’s headquarters are in Moline, Illinois. It is a well-known American tractor manufacturer that produces heavy equipment, mini tractors, and tractor parts. In 1998, India began producing tractors for sale and export. The company provides a wide range of services through a network of 19 area offices, 6 regional offices, and nearly 900 dealer touchpoints. Deere has four training facilities in India and transports to over 110 countries worldwide.


Most Popular John Deere Tractor Models in India are:  


List of John Deere tractor models and prices:

John Deere Tractor Models Name: Tractor Price
John Deere 3028EN 4WD 5.75 – 5.95 Lac
John Deere 3036EN 4WD 6.30 – 6.80 Lac
John Deere 3036E 4WD 5.85 – 6.15 Lac
John Deere 5036D 4.80 – 5.00 Lac
John Deere 5210 4WD 8.90 – 9.25 Lac
John Deere 5060E 4WD 9.10 – 9.50 Lac
John Deere 5065E 4WD 7.95 – 8.20 Lac
john Deere 5075E 4WD AC CAB 18.80 – 19.00 Lac


Why Choose John Deere Tractor?

  • It offers 2 to 4 Wheel drive tractors.
  • This tractor provides lots of Features and benefits in agriculture.
  • John Deere provides high and best quality Tractors.


John Deere Tractors FAQ:

  1. What is the tractor range of John Deere? Answer: John Deere tractors have power ratings ranging from 35 to 120 horsepower.
  2. What distinguishes green and yellow colours in John Deere tractors? Answer: The green and yellow colour represent the colour scheme of agriculture.
  3. What is the starting price of a John Deere tractor model? Answer: The starting price of a John Deere tractor is 4.70 lakhs. 
  4. Which John Deere tractor models are the most popular? Answer: John deere 539 D PowerPro, John deere 5050 D Tractor, John deere 5310, John deere 5075 E, John deere 5050 E, John deere 5405 GearPro, John deere 5060 E, John deere 5036 D Tractor, John deere 5075 E, John deere 5310 Tractor, John deere 5045 D, John deere 5305 Tractor.
  5. How much does the John Deere 5205 model cost? Answer: The John Deere 5205 costs between 6.00 – 6.55 Lac. 
  6. What is the latest John Deere tractor module name? Answer: John Deere:5310 Gear Pro, 5210 Gear Pro, 5045D are recent module names.
  7. Information about Deere and Company? Answer: John Deere is an american company, headquarters is in Moline, Illinois. This company manufactures different parts of tractors, heavy equipment and diesel engines.

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