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Chartered Engineers are the most important people in India when it comes to exporting and importing goods. They are the ones in charge of obtaining clearance for your machinery. Do you want to understand the role and responsibilities of Chartered Engineering services in Mumbai? Keep reading because the article contains everything you need to know and much more.

Anything imported or exported between countries needs an official certificate or metal scrap. There are certified Chartered Engineers with years of experience and knowledge available to help you obtain clearance as soon as possible. In addition, various companies of Chartered engineering in Mumbai offer Chartered Engineer Certificates for export as well as consultancy services.


Chartered engineers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to offer financial guidance and engineering problems solutions that take into account both new and existing technologies. Chartered engineers develop appropriate solutions using innovation and creativity. They only engage in technical and commercial leadership, and their interpersonal abilities are excellent.

Chartered Engineers have extensive knowledge of the different types of scraps that you might want to export or import, as well as the kinds of machinery that are suitable for transportation. A Chartered Engineer is one who has at least five years of professional experience and is a member of the Institution of Engineers (India). All of these traits prove their credibility and establish them as the proper authority for determining whether or not a piece of scrap metal should be transported within the nation and that is why chartered Engineering services in Mumbai can help you.


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For used or refurbished machinery to be exported to India, it is necessary to have a Chartered Engineer Certificate from an impartial inspection company. This is a necessary requirement according to Indian tradition. The Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade must approve the inspection firm where the Chartered Engineer Certificate will be obtained (DGFT). The official engineering body of the nation in which they are working should have the chartered engineers registered who will be certifying the equipment. To be referred to as Chartered Engineers in chartered engineering services in Mumbai, individuals must be registered with the Engineering Council of India.


A key factor in the global recognition and acceptance of the Chartered Engineer’s techno-academic qualification and professional attainment is the Chartered Engineer certificate, which is issued by the IEI. A platform for working as a self-employed consultant in the engineering profession in India and abroad is acquired by any corporate individual who holds a Chartered Engineer Certificate from the IEI. This certificate is valuable when applying to be a Valuer and Loss Assessor with various governmental organisations and financial institutions. After paying the required fee, the corporate members are given a Chartered Engineer Certificate.

The Chartered Engineer Certificate improves the expertise, knowledge, and competency of engineers. By placing them in a select group of engineers, it also advances their careers. Chartered engineers are becoming more and more important in every area of government and in the professional world as a result of rising demand.


A certificate from an independent Chartered Engineer verifying the capital goods’ intended use in manufacturing at any stage of production undertaken for an export obligation is necessary when applying for an EPCG License.

To ensure quick and simple redemption of the export obligation, the exporter must submit the Installation Certificate of Capital Goods imported under EPCG to the RA DGFT within the time frame required.

A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a duty-free area that is treated like another country for the purposes of trade operations, duties, and tariffs. The import and export of the countersigned exporter must be confirmed by a Chartered Engineer Certificate.

For the clearance of used plants and machinery imported into India, a CE Certificate is required. The certificate attests to the condition of the goods, their expected lifespan, their contents, and value estimation of duties or customs.

Verification of the quality, quantity, market price, currency exchange rate, and financial terms are all part of this process. For the shipment’s clearance and the collection of an import certificate, this step is necessary.

To import inputs without having to pay a basic customs duty, this is offered. A quantity-based or value-based advance license is possible. The inputs that are imported without paying customs must be approved by a Chartered Engineer.


Sapient Services, which started operations in April 1988, took over from M/s Malhotra Associates. At first, the company concentrated on damage assessment, plant and machinery valuation, Chartered Engineer certification, third-party inspection, and risk assessment. Sapient Services Pvt. Ltd. is a government-registered valuer with high professional standards, along with chartered engineers, insurance surveyors, loss adjusters, risk inspectors, and assessors. It provides superior Chartered Engineering in Mumbai to those provided by other companies.

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