Novel Schemes and Solutions to Thrive Chemical Logistics Amid Covid-19

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With the growing chemical industry, chemicals have become a part of nearly every product facing home and office shelves. However, the important task remains to transfer these chemicals in raw form, in a trouble-free manner.

The chemical supply chain comprises of chemicals and numerous other products, many of which necessitate special care in handling, transporting, and loading to prevent safety hazards such as contamination, combustion, and spoilage. The manufacturers, transporters, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers who store and transport chemical products required to follow a multifaceted network of ever-changing centralized and state regulations. This would aid in minimizing the hazards and vulnerabilities for both workers and general people who may get affected in case of accidents.

The trade of transporting hazardous materials is a complicated process consist of risks, specifications, and international regulations. And for this, a logistic partner who provides precise visibility, control, reassurance, and safety & security is the most important and basic need. The increase in the need for a variety of chemicals by numerous end-users is directly proportional to the need for the best chemical logistic supplier. However, every industry has been interrupted due to the unsolicited outbreak of Covid-19.


Covid-19 outbreak and its impacts on chemical logistics-


The era of Covid-19 is full of precautions and havocs. Every industry has been the victim of mayhems caused by the outbreak, and chemical logistics are no exception. For a fact, the industry has been amongst the worst hit and it was quite visible. Due to Covid-19, the leading chemical manufacturers have reduced operational and capital expenditures, which impacted the chemical logistics industry as well. On the other hand, during the initial phases of Covid-19 and global lockdowns, the logistics sector has come to a complete standstill except for transportation for essential goods.

Supply chain logistics for almost every other product has been through several disruptions. This impacted the complete logistics industry. Also, the lack of supply of chemicals to different end-users resulted in a shortage of raw materials. However, owing to economic assistance, the government have given nod to restart the manufacturing and supply chain management in several regions, concerning all precautionary measures. The chemical logistic companies are strategically stepping ahead with respect to the health of their employees. Along with following the precautionary measures for the employees, the companies are also initiating new features to ensure safe deliveries. Moreover, the chemical logistics companies are coming up with numerous ways to combat the pandemic. Following are some of the latest ways and activities in the chemical logistics industry -


NACD Program certifies unified partnerships-

The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) in the U.S have established the Chemical Handler Affiliate program to help chemical handlers in finding warehousing and carrier partners. The NACD Chemical Handler Affiliates program offers the responsible distribution of warehouses and carriers that follows high-quality industry practices. Along with responsible distributions, the NACD also offers an exemption for the chemical handler who has implemented and contributed to the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care.


This helps the 3PLs to be verified under responsible distribution to increase the customer base by minimizing the need for distributors to implement their own audits. The responsible distribution certificate instead of an audit to the clients also saves time for warehouses and carriers. Moreover, for chemical distributors, a secured and risk-free supply chain is the utmost concern. And, a responsible distribution verified warehouse and carrier would be the foremost choice for the task.


The key market players are also coming with the latest solutions to distribute end-to-end products with concern to the safety amid the pandemic.


With advanced technologies and IT solutions, the company enables contactless signature for deliveries-

Recently, one of the leading chemical logistics service providing company, DB Schenker has developed an innovative feature for no-touch signature capture to enable safe documentation for deliveries. This solution aims to maintain social distancing while completing all the documentation processes. Furthermore, the technology captures a personal signature from a distance of 3 meters. The solution for contactless proof of delivery (POD) is available in 12 languages and is getting used by several leading players.


According to a member of the management board for land transport at the company, Mr. Christian Drenthen, the revolutionary IT solution ensures the best possible protection to the customers as well as employees, along with simplified deliveries for the long term, especially during these situations of new normal. Further, he added, that the solution enhances the logistic process by offering safe and distanced deliveries and also guarantees comprehensive documentation of all commodities and shipment handovers.


The rise in concerns regarding the safety and security of the product has increased the demand for chemical logistics. On the other hand, the rise in urbanization and industrialization as well have contributed to demand growth. Moreover, a surge in disposable income is anticipated to expand the market growth in the upcoming period. A report published by Allied Market Research reveals that the market is anticipated to evolve significantly. Moreover, with the rise in the adoption of technological solutions, and innovative strategies the market would usher a number of opportunities in the near future.


Author’s Bio - Akshita Pacholi

Akshita Pacholi is a content writer and researcher at Allied Market Research. She holds a Masters Degree in English Literature and has a passion for new and developing technologies.

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