Deploying a Modern Data Stack for Efficient Marketing

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Technological advancements such as improved internet connection and coverage, democratization of smartphones, and the age of social media platforms have created a constant flow of data from all directions. These data points have the potential to become valuable insights for all types of businesses including yours. Having relevant data can positively affect all parts of the organization from Product Development, Demand Planning to Marketing. However, a large amount of data in its raw form can be overwhelming for any company. It can either be time-consuming, costly, or both especially when using traditional data stack or even manual data collection. Cue: The Modern Data Stack. 

The modern data stack or MDS is made up of different tools that transform data from its raw form into actionable insights. A basic modern data stack has the following:


  • Data Source or Sources – This is where your data comes from. The modern data stack can accommodate data from both your company’s own- and third-party sources.
  • Data Ingestion – A good modern data ingestion tool should be able to integrate data from various sources and successfully transport it to the storage. 
  • Data Storage More than a traditional database, the Data Warehouse is where the ingested data is centralized and initially processed for further transformation.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics These tools access data from the Data Warehouse and essentially process them into something that end users in the organization can refer to when making actual business decisions.


All these tools are cloud-based, meaning a modern data stack is cost-effective and less complicated for businesses of any size to deploy. Deploying a modern data stack gives you access to insightful data that is crucial to business growth. If you’re still not convinced, read on to know how deploying a modern data stack can positively affect your business on all fronts, including Marketing.


Helps make data-driven marketing decisions quickly

Deploying a modern data stack allows for quicker and more informed decision-making. Using data as a startup in developing marketing strategies is crucial to grow your business especially in highly competitive platforms. An MDS makes your business more agile by minimizing the data engineering that’s usually required in traditional data stacks, making the time between data sourcing to data analytics to execution of data-driven strategies shorter. Digital marketing can greatly benefit from an agile, data-driven approach. For instance, data on customer buying patterns can help the marketing team decide on which digital marketing efforts go best with specific objectives (e-mail marketing for customer retention, banner ads during the consideration stage, etc.). Additionally, such insights can quickly uncover untapped marketing platforms that have the potential to deliver higher customer engagement.


Cost-effective solution for cost-optimizing strategies

An MDS requires lower investment compared to traditional data stacks thanks to cloud computing and lower data engineering requirements. With MDS, you will not only be able to make data-driven decisions quickly, but also more cost-effective. Utilizing a modern data stack also provides you the data insights you need to make sure that your business resources are invested in specific and accurate strategies. Not just a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, you can take advantage customer segmentation reports to provide more personalized messaging to customers like suggesting complimentary products to the ones that they’ve recently purchased. An MDS contributes to cost-optimizing efforts by providing data from previously implemented efforts. Marketing teams can learn about the returns of their past digital marketing campaigns. From there, make more informed decisions on how they can maximize their current resources and direct their ad spend towards platforms that provide the best results.


Scalable to business needs

It is important to have tools that can support your business as it grows. To achieve your full potential, you need to have tools that will also be able to evolve depending on business and market needs. An MDS offers such scalability. When your customer base increases, you will encounter increase in available data as well. Deploying an MDS means you will be able to easily manage larger amount of data and analyze it as effectively (if not, more quickly, since an MDS is continually learning!) as before. For marketing, this means being able to integrate as much relevant data insights as possible at the planning stage. This helps to optimize campaigns by providing feedback (from results of past efforts) and redirecting more resources to efforts that deliver more returns to your marketing investments.


Makes data everyone’s business

Aside from the speed and cost-effectiveness, a modern data stack also provides business insights that can be understood by everyone across the organization. A modern data stack with a good Business Intelligence (BI) tool increases access to easy-to-understand data reports that different business units can easily refer to when making business decisions. Having comprehensive and relevant data insights that the team can rely on helps foster an agile and data-driven culture. The web development team can use website traffic analysis to gain insight on which parts of the site get more traffic and which ones can be improved upon. Empowered by accessible and reliable data, a marketing team can develop a strong social media marketing campaign that will deliver results. These may be lower customer attrition, higher click-through rates, and so on.

In a digital landscape where the quest for customer attention and loyalty is increasingly competitive, data can give you competitive edge. Deploying a modern data stack will equip you with insightful data that you can rely on to help you maximize your resources and grow your business. By utilizing the modern data stack, you will have an efficient and data-driven marketing strategy that will set you apart from the competition.

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