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PITCH - Factors to Consider Choosing the Right Venture Capitalist

When strategizing who you will pitch, it is not only worth looking at who has recently been active in putting money into deals, but who is achieving successful exits, and may now be flush with capital and bullish on reinvesting some of those gains. Connecting with potential investors, presenting and attending meetings takes up precious time that could be used to work on and push your business forward. Getting funded can help to make big leaps in growth, but it is still a task that should be approached efficiently. As an entrepreneur, your biggest resource is time.

The data above may reveal the willingness of different venture capital firms to get involved at different series of funding, and at different positions within each of those fundraising rounds. Data on exits and fundraising by these firms can also be useful for gauging who has the liquidity and sense of urgency to act quickly in the months ahead as well.

It is smart to know which potential angel and venture capital firm investors are most likely to place capital into your industry. Have they shown interest in your type of business, product category, or size of deal you are offering? Have they been successful in it? Was it a good experience for them? Could your venture help compliment other recent investments they’ve made?

Knowing if they are likely to stay in the game and follow up with more capital in your next fundraising round can be valuable too. That could dramatically reduce the time and effort you have to make next time.

Perhaps even more importantly, are they a good fit for you? Remember that money is just one reason to venture down this path. It’s only one of the benefits of these relationships. Ask yourself how they can help beyond the money. What is their history of relationships with the startups and CEOs they’ve funded in the past? Is there alignment in goals, values, timelines and the terms they likely to offer?

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